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Discover a new potential in the world of flow sensors



Autonomous flow monitoring – Easily integrated in wireless networks

Developed with nanotechnology

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5th Edition – July 2016

Smart Gas Flow Monitoring

FutureSiSens, S.L. is a technology-based company (Spin off), with participation of the UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), that designs, develops and manufactures thermoelectric micro-sensors that are capable of detecting very small flows and flow variations autonomously.

FutureSiSens S.L. offers today a differentiated technological solution with the level of effectiveness, sustainability and connectivity that the sensor industry will need in the future.

FutureSiSens S.L. integrates more than 20 years of research in different areas in a team that is focused on offering a significant competitive advantage in the world of smart gas flow monitoring.


In a world where all types of industries require full interconnection and quick reactions, collecting data and measurements in real time for immediate treatment is a key competitive advantage for effective decision making.

Until now, the technology used to measure gas flows consumed energy and required sensors of relatively large size that cannot be easily integrated into wireless networks.

FutureSiSens now opens a new era in measurement and monitoring of gas flows.

FutureSiSens, thanks to an innovative technological development, offers for the first time a set of competitive advantages for the gas flow sensor industry that provide solutions that were not possible until now:

Nanotechnology applied to the world of sensors

Microsensors that do not consume energy

Very sensitive sensors, able to detect small flows and small flow variations

Sensors that can be integrated in wireless networks, and operate autonomously

Thanks to an innovative nanotechnology development, FutureSiSens offers micro-sensors of thermoelectric base in a chip that are able to detect and measure minimal gas flows in an autonomous way in industry, medical and laboratory environments.

We develop specific devices according to customer requirements. Contact us and we will develop the device that best suits your needs.


Winner of Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund

“Entrepreneurs Fund”

5th Edition

(July 2016)



FutureSiSens S.L.,

Technology-based Company

with participation of

Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)


FutureSiSens was one of the eight winners in the 5th Edition of the Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund in Spain. The Awards ceremony took place on July 6, 2016 at the Repsol Campus in Madrid and was presided over by Mr. Antonio Brufau, President of Repsol and its Foundation, and by Mr. Ignacio Egea, Vice President of the Repsol Foundation.